The blog of natuRable #1 【About natuRable】

Hello :)


This is the our first blog written in English. We decided to write blogs for the people living in the Federated Stated of Micronesia, to communicate with you and make connections with you under corona-virus circumstances.


So this is the first blog, let us introduce ourselves.


We are natuRable, the volunteer club in the Japanese university. We've been to the FSM three times before.




What for? It's that we want to tackle environmental issues in the FSM.


There is a report that the major concerns and issues are impacts of climate change ; deforestation of the watersheds ; and sanitary controls on the watershed activities. These issues are one of biggest challenges we're facing.


However, we want to suggest a new challenge. It's increment of garbage compared with the past because of increased import volume.





The point is that increase in garbage may limit valuable natural resources and the environment. That's why some environmental policies such as adoption of 3R system or banning import of single-use plastics have been proceeded in recent years.


We believe that we could mitigate the impact and save valuable nature you have.




To close, All of us love your nature, your culture, and your country.

You're always kind and help us. Unfortunately, due to a COVID-19, we won't be able to go to the FSM this year.


But we hope there's something we can do.


Thank you for reading. See you!


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